Its Children’s Mental Health Week and here at The Acorn we are committed to supporting everyone on their journey.

Are you or is someone in your home experiencing extreme hopelessness, anxiety, depression, anger, meltdowns?

Yes?  Try this Young People’s Mental Health SOS exercise, designed to bring the body, mind and nervous system into containment and a more manageable state.

The photo shows you how to do the exercise – right hand goes under the left armpit and right hand around the top of the left arm.  It seems so simple and yet its self-soothing and regulating effects are powerful as the exercise supports the body to feel held, witnessed, and contained.  If you can say kind words to yourself or the young person at the same time, such as may I be or you are safe, the impact is more profound.


To learn more somatic exercises and practices to support mental health join the Zoom Somatic Practice Workshop this Friday 4-5pm.  Its only £5.  Bookable at


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