Growth Pod  is part of Acorn’s crew and focus on GROWING PEOPLE, LEADERS &  ORGANISATIONS  through coaching, training & consultancy.

Chris and Emma work together with businesses to create workshops, programmes and courses with the aim of bringing optimal potential to businesses and their workforce. They also offer individual life coaching, mentoring and team building.

Permah Workplace Wellbeing Survey 
As licenced practitioners of Dr’s Peggy Kern and Michelle McQuaid’s products, we are able to offer workplace survey’s to map wellbeing at the individual, team and organisational level. Each person receives a personalised wellbeing report and we have a number of interventions to support teams and cultures to flourish.
Individually, Chris and Emma also offer coaching and mentoring, tailored to your unique needs and path.
We are also able to offer you and your business a special ‘Away Day’ for time to connect to each other and learn new tools for wellness. This could include an essential oils workshop, a gong bath, some yoga, a breath work session or some relaxation time and leisurely lunch. Please email us to discuss ideas.