At Acorn Retreat, we love tailoring events to your needs and enjoy creating bespoke packages for small teams, networking events and business development days. Something really special happens when you come away from your work environment and step into this beautiful, supportive space.
We had a great day and really enjoyed it. I would thoroughly encourage other companies to do it as we all came away bonded!
It was amazing.  Great to spend time with the team outside of work and in a relaxed setting.

The workshops were also great. Facilitating good discussion around wellbeing and techniques to explore.

I thought it was a fantastic day both as a team-builder and spending time with colleagues outside of work – but also, I left feeling super relaxed as well as energised!

The building and everyone running the retreat were all amazing and so welcoming. The quality of the food was superb.

The wellness retreat on Friday was so brilliant. It really felt like everybody came away feeling very different. I had personally been quite anxious about it, and my Friday morning had gotten off to a bit of a stressful start. However, from the moment we arrived it was impossible to not instantly feel calmer. As the day went on it really felt like layers of stress and exhaustion were being lifted off. I left on Friday feeling so much lighter the feeling has stayed with me ever since, the day just grounded me bit. I had been quite sceptical about it before going but all the explanations that went with each activity really helped me to feel less resistance to it. I can’t thank everyone enough as I have come away not only feeling temporarily better but also armed with some tools which I am looking forward to starting to build into my routine to hopefully help keep some of the overwhelm at bay. The day at The Acorn actually just felt like the most enormous hug!