Prior to creating Acorn Wellness, I had witnessed many people affected by cancer and had come to recognise the benefits of preventing this disease and actively working with it when necessary. I feel very strongly about cancer survivors being able to move forward after their treatment and after regular care has been completed. I believe that it is important to address the changes needed to be made to give the best possible chance of a healthy future.

Acorn Wellness has a not for profit ethos where we aim to help cancer survivors on their onward journey. My own husband was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 29, just married and a baby on the way. It changed our lives. He was lucky enough to be influenced by another cancer survivor that chemotherapy was only part of the treatment and soon our diet and lifestyle became unrecognisable and now resulting in a plant powered family. He supported his treatment with a mainly plant diet, regular carrot juice and consumed no alcohol for two years. For him, these things empowered him – they gave him control back and allowed him to feel like he was making a contribution to his own life and the outcome. Years later, we discovered that his survival and thriving had been against all odds. For us, it was after all the treatment and appointments were over that the void needed to be filled. What now? How do I stay well? If before made me ill, then how and what can I change? I guess this was the ultimate catalyst for The Acorn being created.

Acorn Wellness has developed strong relationships with Macmillan and The Haven charities. We receive referrals from them when they find candidates that they think will embrace a complimentary and holistic support. Some of our therapists have trained in cancer care, allowing cancer patients access to some holistic therapies such as Reiki and Daoyin Tao.

We have also created a crystal wall. This allows people to buy a charity place for £40 which can be anonymously donated or they can nominate someone they know who is on the cancer journey.

By visiting The Acorn, you are contributing to the support of people affected by cancer.

If you would like to contact us regarding the recovery retreat, please email us.