At the Acorn we offer a variety of yoga classes such as vinyasa, kundalini, hatha, gentle and restorative.  There is something for everyone and all abilities are catered for.  Our teachers have many years experience in their field and can assist in giving you tools to navigate your way through life’s challenges.
Yoga teaches us that we are all unique and alongside the physical benefits, our mental and emotional well being are supported and enhanced.  Indeed, what we learn on the mat can be taken into everyday life.   Yoga enriches whatever and wherever it touches.  There is no segregation in yoga, we are all one.
There is no competition on the mat, we are each on our own journey.   This is an important aspect, it teaches us Ahimsa – kindness and love towards ourselves, in thought and word and deed.
We hope to see you in the Lotus studio soon.

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