We opened the doors of Acorn Wellness in January 2017. It was my dream to create a safe space for people to be inspired, nurtured and nourished and ultimately, to find a path of wellness. To find time to escape the world and connect with themselves and like minded souls seemed to be an imperative part of the plan. I had discovered the incredible benefits of yoga, mindfulness and nature and I wanted to share them.

Since we opened The Acorn it has evolved and grown into something that I am so proud to be a part of. The embracing and wholehearted specialists and therapists that grace this place with their profound and inspirational teachings, have proven to be as vital as the beautiful countryside and structure of this special place.

It has been a real privilege to be a part of people’s life in this way, both specialists and guests give opportunities to share and learn. I have come to see The Acorn as a place to empower individuals to embrace their life fully and optimise their health with a holistic approach – mind, body and soul.

When I first visited the house in December 2015, I knew instantly that this home, tucked into the rolling hillside with its babbling brook, secluded garden and stillness, was to be the perfect haven I was looking for. The place itself is truly special and admired by all its visitors. As soon as people walk through the door, they will often makes comments to suggest immediate calm and safety such as, “its like coming home” or “I feel relaxed already.” One of our guests felt so moved by the feeling of this magical place that she carried out research that lead her to discover that The Acorn is in fact on a lay line along with Ripon Cathedral and Fountains Abbey. The building itself and the grounds, seem to muster the best qualities for healing to take place on every level. I still feel this too – every time I arrive and still feel so grateful that I have this opportunity to share it like this.

I set up Acorn Wellness to provide a safe haven to serve people in finding a path to wellness and sharing ways to stay well on their journey. I had witnessed people close to me find comfort in supporting their own health in times of illness and I wanted our place to become a support for those in need of guidance.

When I walked into my first yoga class in 2014, I was physically and emotionally exhausted. Yoga was where I began to heal – I showed up every week and eventually began to recognise myself again. I continue to attend classes and rely on a personal practice to help find balance and perspective in life. I have witnessed transformational changes in our guests and continue to believe that Yoga can have a profound effect on overall health and wellness. We have developed a wonderful array of beautiful teachers – so grateful for all of their ongoing commitments.

A while after I started Yoga, I was dragged along to a mindfulness course by a friend. This was an absolute life altering moment for me. One of those times when I didn’t know how I’d survived this long without having this vital tool and life support. It was about week 3 of the 8 week course that I really felt myself becoming more and more able to acknowledge when I was allowing my thoughts to run away. I had become a witness to my own mind and this was a gift – One that I wanted to share and further deepened my yoga practice.

Here at Acorn wellness, we attempt to provide events that are accessible and varied from 8 week mindfulness courses to day retreats and pop up gong baths or essential oil workshops. We also offer half day retreats, regular yoga classes or drop in treatments. The Acorn is also available as a venue to hire, for specialists to bring their own groups to enjoy exclusive use.

We are so thrilled that from 2020, we have welcomed Growth Pod to add another limb to our support network. Chris and Emma founded the company to provide individuals and businesses opportunities fo team building, leadership training and wellness strategies.

The specialists here at Acorn Wellness are chosen to fit in with the ethos of our holistic ideals. They all have an ‘ever learning’ approach, key to them adapting to individual needs. We are privileged to have such a high quality, well experienced team of beautiful souls.

You can create your own exclusive bespoke retreats, encompassing any of our specialists for an event of your choice. We do recommend planning in advance for this to avoid disappointment on dates.