At The Acorn, we love talking about food and its nutritional benefits. We create plant based recipes that are delicious and can be cooked easily to inspire you in your own kitchen.

Katie has spent more than the last decade adapting recipes to suit the requirements of her family and gently increasing the content of plants and decreasing the animal products. The family has seen amazing health benefits that have secured Katie’s beliefs in the plant powered way. She now runs a fully plant based kitchen at home. Her and her family have been fully plant based since 2017.

Katie studied a course on Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition in 2018 with Cornell University and has applied this to her cooking and some plant powered workshops. She continues to enjoy learning different benefits of plant based foods and is happy to discuss with you on retreat days, commitments allowing or if you would like to explore this, please email to book a date and time.

Sarah joined the Acorn crew in January 2022 and brings with her true kitchen magic! Her firm belief is that what we put into our bodies determines our health, our well-being and the quality of our lives.

Using the philosophy of Food as a healing tool the dishes she creates are wholefood, world palleted, seasonal, nutritionally and energetically balanced, organic and local wherever possible. Sarah also incorporates the vibrancy of highly nutritious kitchen garden produce, weaving whatever is available into her beautifully nourishing meals. Sarah goes to extreme lengths of inspirational creativity by allowing a flow to whatever theme or group appears on the day. This means that she often surprises us with extra amazement throughout the day such as a homemade ginger cordial drink or nurturing turmeric golden milk.

We are all delighted that Sarah is here… she is the pure energy of the Heartwood kitchen itself. Her food was recently called ‘A work of art’ by one of our guests. Come and see for yourself…

Sarah is able to cater for hired retreats if you require her to do so. She can provide breakfast for £5 per person and she offers two options for main meals –

Option A is food left to heat and serve £15 per person per meal

Option B is fully catered, served and cleared for £20 per person per meal

Both options include a balanced main and a dessert. She is happy to discuss menus and themed ideas and caters to dietary requirements. All food is plant based and gluten free.


“The journey of nutrition and food is a life long process. It is one that will have a unique path for each and every one of us. There will be reasons we choose to eat and cook the way we do – our upbringing, our own physical response to food, lifestyle and personal experiences with health.”

For Katie, the importance of nutrition is that it satisfies many areas. That it is foremost about health – fuelling our body in a positive way and giving ourselves the best chance to stay well but it is also achievable and enjoyable because otherwise it simply won’t work or at least not for long. I encourage people to look at their own approach to food. What do they think they do well and what they would like to change and then planning steps to HOW this will happen?

In January 2018, Sarah joined the heartwood kitchen and has been an absolute asset and inspiration to watch, going from someone who barely ever cooked to confidently producing beautiful meals.

During January 2021 lockdown, Sarah has taken her skills and ambition to a whole new level and is now producing menus for The Acorn table. As The Acorn grew, Sarah is much needed elsewhere and we now have the pleasure of the wonderful Sarah Wheelhouse catering for us.

Sarah was a vegan chef back in the day before vegansim was even a thing. She is an utter inspiration and creates pure magic.

For weekend retreats we have a wonderful collaboration with Adele from Lentil Moon. Adele can either leave food prepared for you or you can have the luxury of being fully catered for.


We have witnessed some wonderfully positive changes from some of our guests and have received many encouraging comments about how they have been inspired by being at The Acorn. I really love talking about food and nutrition and love the idea that food is here to heal and keep us well… we just need to use it properly and go back to nature. “A food that is whole will always be worth more than the sum of its parts.”

We aim to inspire people to take steps towards their own ideal way of eating and give them support in this process

We are very lucky to have a Thermomix in our kitchen and even luckier to have Sam Croom, a top Thermomix advisor who works with us, creating dynamic workshops.

This is Sam after receiving second place in top sales people in the UK and Ireland. She is utterly passionate about these magical machines.