Antidotes to Stress

Stress is something we all feel at times, especially when dealing with change, life challenges and the unexpected.  A little pressure is not always a bad thing, it can motivate us and help us focus on something that needs our attention. How we manage stress can make a big difference to our mental and physical wellbeing, and the first step to managing it is to know how it affects us and why. 

If you suffer from anxiety, irritability, low self-esteem, tension in the body, or have lost your ‘mojo’ for any number of reasons this could be a sure sign of your mind and body being under too much stress. 

Stress Therapy sessions at the Acorn with Trish by arrangement.  Weekdays and Evenings.  

Note from Trish :  “Hello…as an experienced Stress Therapist and Somatic Practitioner, together we get to the core of what is causing the stress, how it is manifesting in your mind and body, and how you can relieve the pressure, calm the mind, relieve body tension and find sustainable ways to self-care. I am here to help you see and touch the glimmers of light everywhere in the tunnel not just at the end! Please take a peek at some of my de-stress tips for this month> “  




Trish’s Mindful Tips for a Springtime De-Stress

Taking moments to self-connect 

Now and again through a busy stress-full day, take a few moments to stop and with your hand on your heart give yourself a nurturing touch of acceptance and set your intention to self-care.  This too will pass. 


List the Good Things

Take time possibly before you rest for the night, to reflect on the good things in your life. Each day, list five things you are grateful for, however tiny. Gratitude is the right attitude. 

Being Kind  

Together with the act of giving (even a smile) to another there is a wonderful payback of the happiness hormone and good feelings.

 It also shifts us away from own concerns.

Stretch and Mindfully Move 

Even a small amount of exercise can make a big difference. Mindful movements help us to slowly connect back to body without exertion. They give us a deeper connection to accept what we are. There is more to us  that is working and good than we often give credit for. 

Connect with Nature 

Our natural medicine is all around – take a slow walk and intimately observe the little things in nature – a bug, a leaf, a piece of bark, a colour, a smell, sounds, shadows, the effects of the breeze.     

Find time to immerse your being in the blooming Acorn Garden!