Bioresonance: Funny question, but “How clever is our wee?!”

As it turns out – VERY! Read on to find out why……

Bioresonance is a therapy working on the energetic frequencies within the body. It works by identifying and eliminating burdens and disturbances, and then fine tuning the different systems so the body is working at its optimum. It’s an amazing therapy for maintaining good health, and equally as wonderful for regaining your health. 

Using Bioresonance Sally can get a good idea of what is going on in your body. Whether that’s the presence of individual pathogens, too much or little of a vital substance, a disturbance in the kidneys/liver/other organs, or a hormonal issue etc. However, she doesn’t even need to see you in person. 

This brings us to the above question – How clever is our wee? Did you know our urine holds a frequency footprint? Using a urine sample Sally can run a comprehensive scan, testing through not only potential burdens in the body, but also systems that may need to be harmonised. 

Sally is currently offering a complete and comprehensive urine sample test for £200. 

The important question  – How can this benefit you? Sally offers the urine testing as a potential pre-cursor for in depth deep cellular Bioresonance treatments – really getting down into individual cell detoxing and healing. The urine sample cuts the in person therapy time (and therefore cost).  This is all about safely clearing the body of substances and frequencies that are detrimental to our own natural energies. It’s also ideal as a standalone test if you would just like an idea of what your body needs, the areas where your body is affected by a disturbance, and an energised water treatment can also be made up to get the ball rolling.  This is a great starting point if you are at the beginning of your health journey. 

 So if you’re not feeling as well as you know you should (or could) be, give Sally a call on 07850475959 or email to have a chat and discuss how she might be able to help you . More info available on Instagram @bioresonanceandbowen