Yoga, I found much to my surprise took me on a journey to myself.  

Like I said this was absolutely not expected, I began yoga to take my attention away from my emotional pain and to quieten my mind and still the traumatic flashbacks I was experiencing.

Yoga goes about it in such a quiet way that at first you don’t realise it’s happening.  At first, it was during posture I would notice physically how I was feeling, then during meditation or Savasana. I would be aware of how my thoughts affected me, I also noticed how beneficial my thoughts were (or not!).

Then, I recognised that I became much more sensitive to my surroundings, walking my dogs in the countryside became a totally different experience.  I began to really see and feel my surroundings, even the air was different.  My world was expanding and my spiritual self was being born.

Every part of my life was touched by my brand shiny new spiritual self.  In the past it’s fair to say I was a ‘yes’ person, I couldn’t live that way anymore.  I wasn’t being true to my Self and it felt like having my shoes on the wrong feet.  I found my voice and although at times I was a bit brusque, once I settled into my truth I softened, I became softer .. more relaxed.

Awareness then moved into my friendships which I now see was a natural progression to finding my truth.  I learned how to find a flow with my friendships, I understood that some friends were lifers and some were transient, I realised that to get the most out of my friendships I had to release and find comfort with that, which I did and it was easier than I thought, because I was being true.

Yoga has taught me that I have to be open to change to experience progression.  I use my mantra ‘I TRUST’ a lot! I have to love and let go, be in the moment, experience, give thanks and release.

And whilst all this is going on, almost in the background, something massive is happening … the heart is growing.  The heart becomes louder,  it’s finding its voice.  It finally has something to shout about. ‘WELCOME HOME’, it said.  Miraculous! Because when we stop being guided solely by the mind the heart can take the lead.

The hearts guidance is ALWAYS supportive and loving.  There is a huge difference between this and guidance from the ego.  I began to look at my heart as a new best friend and this one single thing really helped me to connect deeper, to the people around me, my work, the town where I live and the worid and its people.  Yoga did this. 

My new adventure is experiencing my vulnerability, this is a heart mission and wow am I learning! Just when you think you’re about there you come to realise that connection to heart is a life long journey. We’re in it together me and her, my teacher and I.  And when I recognise this I see a boat bobbing on the sea, free of the harbour – that’s where I was before I found Yoga. Safe but contained.

Jules Cooper