Cutting the cords with 2020 and Visioning 2021 with the first New Moon of the year.


Is it time for you to reset, reclaim and reinvest your energy?


Read on as these two rituals, which are accompanied by a short video will support you to do this by harnessing of the energy and power of your intention and the first New Moon of 2021.


You will need:

2 sheets of plain A4 paper





How to do the rituals:


Listen to the short video first.


On Monday in the energy of the Dark Moon reflect of which cords need to be cut with 2020.  These cords are a flow of density and/or toxicity and include things like self-neglect, judgement, resentment, bitterness, what if, if only, loss etc.

Light a candle and write it all down on a piece of paper.  When you are finished take a flaming sword of light (some scissors) and cut through the cords by cutting the paper into small pieces.  Then burn it saying, ‘the cords which were holding me back are cut, it is done’.  Wash your hands.


On Wednesday as the New Moon light breaks vision how you will reinvest this reclaimed energy in 2021.  Ask yourself:

  • What do I need?  What do I want?
  • What does my soul want?
  • What does the collective (humanity, the earth) need me to contribute?

Light a candle and write it all down on a piece of paper.  When you are finished anoint the paper with essential oil, perfume, a pressed flower, art, patterns.  This will amplify the manifestation of the beauty and joy of your visions and positive energy.  You can read the list out loud too and say, ‘it is done’.



It would be lovely for you to share how this worked for you.  Sending love from my heart to yours.

Kay x


A video to help you is found on this link.