During these challenging and sensitive times, we, at The Acorn, want to assure you of our committed efforts in keeping you as safe as possible whilst you are with us.

We have followed the guidelines extremely carefully and whilst the government have kept them broad and certainly not with our small business in mind, we feel we are doing our best to find the balance of an enjoyable experience whilst remaining within the guidelines.

As ever, Chris from The Growth Pod, has been supporting us through this overwhelming process. Those of you who don’t know Chris, amongst his many talents and awards, he has an MBE for the management of the Ebola virus so we have felt in very safe hands.

The protocols we have in place

Before arriving, you will receive a message to remind you that we only want to see you if you are fit and well and have not been in contact with anyone with suspected Coronavirus symptoms. If you are having a vaccine, we also ask that you do not plan to visit The Acorn for at least 48 hours after.

We ask that you bring your own equipment where it is needed, to ensure the risk of cross contamination is reduced. Should you forget any equipment, we will have some available to borrow which will be quarantined for 48 hours after. Due to the space this requires, we ask that you do try to remember everything you need.

Upon arrival, if you are booked into the studio space, please feel free to go straight there with your belongings. Otherwise, you will be asked to put your belongings away in a locker and wash your hands.

Whilst inside The Acorn, you will be given an place to relax in whilst you await your appointment. We ask that you are mindful of other guests and remain 2m away. We will have a restricted number of guests on site at any one time and therefore do not require you to wear a mask but please wear one if you like. When receiving close contact therapies, our crew will be wearing a mask/visor. The rooms will be well ventilated where possible.

Whilst we cannot eliminate all risk, we will be endeavouring to keep you as safe as possible. We recognise the importance of providing you with the space for wellbeing to support you to optimum health but we ask that you bear with us during these times as we are attempting to provide as much safe space as possible. Please email us with any questions. We look forward to seeing you soon.