I offer courses in discovering your potential heartfulness and happiness through mindfulness, meditation, compassionate living and energy healing. I also offer one-one tailored stress therapy sessions in which to discover your ways to rest easy and find your calm during challenging times. 

My heart sings when I witness others (especially older folk) enjoying their child-like essence without restrictions or inhibition. 

I am challenged with staying silent for long periods, and chocolate! 

Easy! Meditation and crazy dancing. Not at the same time though!

The mind of a bodhisattva. Or a penguin (I love cold climates) 

I’d say to my 16 year old self, do more YOU from the get go, girl! No hanging about waiting for Prince Charming or the Fairy Godmother to show. And take Art not Physics if you dare. And do DARE.

I’d like to be at Samye Ling, on Holy Isle (Arran) with the Buddhist Sangha chanting in nature.