Katherine is a local Yorkshire girl and has a love for nature and a passion and vocation in wellness and healing. She has always been interested in combining the two and creating herbal remedies. Her health journey and experience led her to gut healing and using one of natures best remedies for this, Apple Cider Vinegar. When she discovered the ancient recipe of Fire Cider an immune boosting tonic, while on a herbal remedy course, she couldn’t wait to make it and give it to her clients and friends. It didn’t take long before they all wanted more of this powerful potion full of natural anti -bacterial ingredients such as Horseradish, ginger, garlic and many more.

This is where it all started, but years on learning all about the fermenting process, sourcing the best Apple Cider Vinegar and other Organic ingredients she could find local to Yorkshire, playing with infusions and blending it with different herbs, spices has been a great journey to watch (and taste, as she would always bring new ones for us to try out at the Acorn). She now has several perfected blends with different benefits; we love the original Fire Cider the immune boosting tonic and its our go to if we feel ourselves sliding towards a cold, but our favourites are Golden Cider the anti-inflammatory infusion with a twist of tang and fire and Settling Cider to support the digestive system is just delicious either as a drink or in food. Her recent creation is a Blood Cider, brilliant for supporting your circulatory system and all matters of the blood.  You can read more about her and her creations at and we are delighted to have her blends available to buy at the Acorn.