Are you a luna-tic and luna-lover?  Many of us at The Acorn are.  If you are not – read on with curiosity and see if this resonates.

The root of the word lunacy is ‘lunaticus’ (Latin) which translates as ‘moonstruck’ and there is clear evidence to show that in addition to influencing the water on earth, human bodily functions, behaviour and mental states also widely, and sometimes wildly, fluctuate with the moon cycles.  

A lunation, or lunar cycle, runs from new moon to new moon, and occurs every 29-30 days.  Oceanic tides are governed by the moon’s gravitational pull, going in and out every 12.4 hours.  Paying close attention to the ebb and flow of our own energy during a full lunar cycle helps us understand that like the moon we fluctuate, we wax, and wane.  This is knowing is incredibly empowering and reassuring and shows us that it is ‘natural’ to not be productive all the time and that it is a vital part of life to rest and recharge.  There is evidence of the moon impacting on humans statistically too.   Women are likely to birth and ovulate at full moon.  Violence and outdoor crime increase at full moon.  We sleep less at full moon.  Anecdotally libido increases at full moon and we can feel more sociable.  At new moon we feel can feel more tender, introverted and intuitive.

Harnessing the power of moon cycles is a useful wellbeing and spiritual practice.  Grandmother moon is the closest celestial satellite to earth and without her it is unlikely that life on earth would have evolved and been sustained.  She is a living giving, benevolent presence and working with her energies is transformative, as her cyclical gift to us is that with her we can continually evolve throughout our lifetime, shedding old skins, ways of being and behaviours, so we can expand and allow our authentic, soulful self to shine.  

This video to accompany this video outlining the two 5-minute practices you can repeat every month of the year; one for setting intentions at new moon and the other for giving gratitude, harvesting, and reflecting on what needs to be surrendered and let go of at full moon.  We are also offering you a downloadable PDF 2021 lunar calendar with this blog, so you know when the full and new moon is each month, and so you can calendar yourself when to create 5 minutes to do these rituals.  This offering to you is to support you to try these practices and experience your own moon magic.

We would love to hear about your thoughts, feelings, and wisdom in relation to all of this.      

Kay @anotherlogonthefire @acornretreat