We are so delighted that Jo from Baby Mindful Harrogate is now taking one class a month here at Acornwellness. The sessions are on a Tuesday from 11:30-1pm with the chance of a quick cuppa after. We are on hand to help with your little ones should you need us. It is so special to have such little souls here and to support mums in this way.

“Baby Mindful classes offer a unique opportunity for parents with babies aged 0-6 months to relax and enjoy the new growing bond between parent and baby. The new born stage is a busy and exhausting time (albeit magical of course!) and any time for mindfulness or relaxation can be few and far between, so these classes are a great way to start to carve out a little time for calm.

Classes gently follow seven steps of relaxation; move, play, stretch, feel, breathe, believe and relax (steps also used in our sister classes, relax kids), but what really makes Baby Mindful unique is that the emphasis is on the parents relaxing, bonding and spending time just connecting with their baby. It’s so easy to forget parents’ need for a pause in those busy new born months. its never too early to introduce calmness and contentment!” Jo McGregor.