Sending you the light of the golden dawn…

I start most of my days walking under a night sky and slowly, with each step, the night grows into day. I’m not really a morning person so its often a great effort to drag myself out in the dark that feels like the middle of the night- always equipped with high-vis bib and head torch (please make sure you make yourself visible if you decide to do this!). This moment in my day, often alongside a friend is like magic. It feels like this secret moment in time where its so precious that no-one and nothing can touch it. We are often rewarded with the stunning beauty of nature – small group of deer, an owl flying silently across an open field, starlight and moonlight with glistening frost. This mornings sunrise was a beauty. We stood and invited the light into our souls, whispering Om Shanti… peace in the mind, body and soul.

Walking round Brimham Rocks on early on Sunday morning and marvelling at the spectacles that nature provides us, I was reminded of two things: balance and resilience. The staggering ways that the rocks stay balanced with so little to support them and being reminded that its a constant balancing act. Resilience because these rocks have been exposed to all the elements of nature and yet they are still here.

This week is the Full Moon. Kay Turner has created an activity for all ages to access, free of charge – it includes a short video to support you. You can find it on our VIRTUAL RETREAT.

Finding it difficult to get out of bed on these dark mornings? Jules Cooper has created a gentle wake up yoga routine to release the static energy of the night and help you flow into the day. This is also available, free of charge on our VIRTUAL RETREAT. We are trying to keep this content well stocked to support you and your loved ones at this time. Please feel free to share it. We know people as far as Australia that are accessing this free resource and are so pleased its useful.

NUTRIENT RICH KORMA MASALA (apologies for the bad photo!)

I threw together a plant based curry last week that was so delicious, I thought I’d do my best to share the recipe as the whole family enjoyed it…

Finely slice onion, garlic and ginger and brown in a non stick pan with a little coconut oil or water. Add spices of choice and cook for a further minute to release flavours – I used korma masala which is a new blend i’ve been using – a gentle warming spice but you could use curry powder or any spices of choice.

Add a can of coconut milk and a little water and veg stock, the sweet potato and fava beans. Fava beans are a recent find of mine. They only take 20 minutes to cook and have a nice bite to their texture, plus they are full fo fibre and plant nutrients. Cook together for 20 minutes, adding green vegetable for the last few minutes; I used kale and broccoli but any of your choice would work. Serve with the rice or quinoa of your choice.


Somatic practice is renowned for relieving stress, anxiety and feelings of hopelessness. It is a wonderful tool to have in your kit for those times when you reach a point where nothing else is obtainable. They are a brilliant resource to share with others too.

On Sunday 31st January and Friday 5th February 4-5pm you will be able to join Kay as she talks through somatic practices. You will be able to book your ticket through our website for a small fee of £5 and we will send you a link to the meeting. This is an opportunity to share with anyone you think would benefit.

Whilst we are unable to welcome you physically into The Acorn, we are doing our best to support you. Should there be anything specific you would like to see on our virtual retreat, please email us – you can either reply to this email or click on the envelope below.

Sending you the warmest of wishes,

Love The Acorn Crew