September 2022- June 2023


Introducing an insightfully rich program of spirituality, creativity, embodied practices and inner wisdom 

to help you explore and be guided by your own unique layers of spirit, wonder and presence. 

Our aim is to empower you to fully embrace the essence of who you truly are. 

 To live in harmony with yourself, others and our planet.  



“ Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside you”



The program spans over ten months in which you will be compassionately supported, nurtured and nourished 

 on your path of deep connection with self and others. 

Become part of the truly beautiful Acorn Community of Practitioners



What this program offers you


This program is designed to give you the space and time to find peace of mind, to experience a vast array of wellness practices, to discover a better relationship with yourself and others, to embody a calmer outlook, to feel a greater sense of well-being, to embed life-long healing methods, and develop an awareness of your greater potential.  We particularly focus on your creative nature, what energizes and fulfills you and your innate ability to flourish and thrive.

You will learn to expand your awareness and focus fully on self-care, self-discovery and life purpose. You have the chance to feel greater balance, improved vitality, enhanced feelings of contentment, joy and a stronger body-mind-spirit connection.


Sound Therapy      Creative Therapy

Crystal Healing         Chakra Alignment 

Essential Oils          Herbal Remedies

Forest Bathing            Yoga (optional)

  Compassion Training        Mindfulness

Circles of Connection     Visualisation

Archetype Wisdom

Our Unique Approach 

This immersive mind-body-spirit program includes a full retreat day once a month with further opportunities to embed specific practices, techniques and ways of being. You are encouraged and supported in attending further individual and group sessions throughout the weeks if this suits your needs. You will be regularly updated with comprehensive hand-outs, related links, references. You will be offered personally focused attention and guidance.   

Integrated Energy Wisdom

We have chosen to extensively focus on a particular energy centre (a chakra) each month, working from the earth (root) chakra to the crown aligning each one as you progress. 

This simply gives a structured and a delightful way in which to mindfully access all areas which affect your wellbeing and aid in re-alignment and adjustment.  It is an all-embracing and compassionate approach which encompasses a great deal of the methods that we champion and offer at the Acorn Wellness Retreat including yoga, mindfulness and ancient wisdom.     

“Chakras are energy centres which give us a unique insight into how we are functioning in mind-body-spirit at any given time” 


 Monthly Retreat Days

Each retreat day includes: 

An introduction to a particular chakra and associated mind-body-spirit connections through an understanding of the ancient wisdom, self-discovery questionnaires and methodologies.

Specialist knowledge from an expert in the field of one of the associated methods such as forest bathing, essential oils, herbal medicine. You will be given the tools, insights and wonderful ways in which to integrate these remedies and practices into your daily life. 

A practice session in which to embed and settle into the arising wisdom of your vital energy centres.  

A plant-based lunch in which to also gain insights into intuitive nutritive habits and new ways of choosing, preparing and enjoying nutritious foods to support your energy system.  

Personal guidance and signposting to classes and therapies at the Acorn which enhance and support this journey.

Including time to relax, explore and connect with each other.

Follow-up notes, handouts and audios which accumulate into a comprehensive (life-time) reference manual, video and audio collection.  

During the final retreat month we will focus on bringing your  experience into an integrated wholeness with clarity and the wisdom to help you to sustain a wellness journey of a life-time.



“Chakras are energy centres which give us a unique insight into how we are functioning in mind-body-spirit at any given time” 

Specialist Knowledge

Each of our assigned specialists will be on-hand  throughout the program to impart their unique gifts of wisdom and share methods to enhance your understanding and help you to fully embody and integrate empowering  enlightening approaches to your lifetime of optimum health and wellbeing.    

Our Key Specialists

Trish is our course leader and is the inspiration behind this integrated wellness program.  She has trained extensively with the Chakra Academy in India, the Mindfulness and Buddhist community of Samye Ling and has over two decades created and delivered courses, workshops and sessions to a wide range of individuals and organisations.  Trish will introduce the core insights and wisdom on each retreat day and is here to fully support you through this journey.

Katie is the wings of this program and is the creator of this wonderful and ever evolving sanctuary.

She will be delivering her personal experience and wisdom of her plant-based and nature engaged lifestyle. Katie will also be the co-facilitator of the creative elements of the program and is here to support and facilitate your whole experience.   


Our Inspiring Support Specialists

The heartful intention of each of our supporting crew members and specialists is to give you the best experience of their wide-ranging knowledge and wisdom. To find out more then please visit our website and check out their own individual awesome offerings. You will get to know all of them during your stay with us on this program. A hugging circle of light, compassion and nurturing loving kindness.

                                                                                           We welcome you with open arms             


Come as you are, explore what you can be and find your unique path of self-discovery 



14th September – Earth Wisdom

19th October – Creative Wisdom

2nd November – Solar Wisdom

11th January – Heart Wisdom

8th February – True Voice

8th March – Clarity of vision

3rd May – Full potential

7th June – Full Integration