What do you offer at the Acorn?

With groups – Shamanic and Energy Medicine training, workshops and day retreats.  Goddess, Moon and Wheel of the Year Festivals journeying and retreat days.  Ritual and ceremony.  Zoom workshop and virtual ceremony and cacao circles.  Sacred Womanhood courses for all ages.  Residential Retreats.

With individuals – Mind, Body, Soul Intensive healing sessions.  Wellbeing and Spirituality Coaching.

What makes your heart sing?

My children and husband.  Embodiment.  Expansion.  Seeing love being embodied and shared.  Supporting people to expand into their full potential and embody their unique gifts.


What challenges you?

Seeing human to human hate, conflict, aggression, bullying, abuse.


What is your go to wellness tool at the moment?

Its got to be cacao and a bath.


If you could be an animal or thing what would you be?

The planet Venus.


What advice would you give your 16 year old self?

You’re not weird.  You know your truth – believe it, trust it, follow it.


Where would you be right now if you could be anywhere?  Why?

Gaia’s womb or heartbeat.  To learn more about her current regeneration and metamorphosis.