What can guide us in times of change and uncertainty? How can we see things clearly when everything around us is confusing? Can we be certain about our chosen direction, while remaining open to discovery? How can we be true to ourselves and have rewarding relationships and work life?

Michael answers these and other questions in this course on Dharma – the yoga pathway to living a full and healthy life. He describes how living Dharma is achieved through four guiding principles that can help us balance and harmonise our lives — Truth, Respect, Purity and Effort. Past workshop participants remark how the workshops improve their lives, empower their thinking and boost their confidence. Michael is joined by facilitator and co-presenter Lalita Lowsley-Williams, who works alongside him as a life coach and spiritual counsellor.


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The workshops include presentations, discussions, exercises, workbooks, support material, videos and recordings. In brief, the course of six workshops covers the following:

Dharma – a model of good living (workshop 1)

What is dharma? How does it work? Why is it important? What are its benefits? How can I use it?

Truth – life purpose and goals (workshop 2)

How can I realise my potential? What is my strategy for realising my goals and dreams? Can I live a fully authentic meaningful life? Can I be more confident and self-assured?

Respect – vital relationships (workshop 3)

What is the secret of satisfying relationships? Can I improve my relationships? Can I understand and relate with others while remaining true to who I am? What are the top tips for building vital relationships?


Purity – ideals and values (workshop 4)

How can I achieve my very best? What is my highest ideal? Do I have the tools to get there? What are the values and principles that empower my life? What do I need to eliminate in my life? What do I need to embrace more fully?

Effort – passion for life (workshop 5)

Am I passionate about my life? What are my expectations? Am I committed to achieving my best? How do I know what to work on and where to apply my energies? Can I work more efficiently? What practices can I use to achieve a mastery of my life?

Dharma Dynamics – four principles in action (workshop 6)

How do the four principles of dharma work together? What do I do if I am weak in one but strong in another? How can I achieve a balance of all four? What results can I expect when all four are optimal in my life?

The Dharma Dynamics course of workshops is a perfect complement to the two-day workshop on the Bhagavad-Gita below.


The Bhagavad-Gita is a well-known ancient yoga classic from India. It offers practical guidance and timeless wisdom on how to live a successful, meaningful and rewarding life. The Gita is an essential text for yoga practitioners, yoga teachers and those looking for proven principles to help them navigate the challenges of the modern world.

The workshop will present a concise overview of the Gita and the essential subjects it covers. Michael aims to make the Gita accessible and understandable by anyone, and no prior knowledge of the subject is required to gain value and benefit from the workshop. For yoga teachers it provides an understanding of the foundational principles that are essential to the philosophy and practice of yoga. It gives an easy to follow map of the entire subject, highlighting essential ideas that will vitalise your practice, teaching and daily life. Participants leave with simple, effective, life-enhancing tools.

Michael is joined by facilitator and co-presenter Lalita Lowsley-Williams, who works alongside him as a life coach and spiritual counsellor.